by SuperMoon



released 18 March 2015

All songs/vocals Lee Hicks Guitars Weston Hine, Blake Tallent Drums Garrett Hine Produced/Mixed by Blake Tallent Mastered by Weston Hine



all rights reserved


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SuperMoon Panama City, Florida

Basic Rock Songs

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Track Name: Spirit
I don't wanna leave right now but you hold my heart and it's extra difficult. I'm starting to like these walls there crushing me when I turn invisible. There's a little place in me where I keep you like a toxic chemical. I don't mean to break your heart but your staring at her and your making it difficult. Hold my heart. Before we start. Your shooting from the hip I see I might as well fold from the concrete symmetry. It's like the women I see don't wanna fall in love they just wanna be free. Like me. Hold my heart. Before we start.
Track Name: Twin Dream
In my soul. There's a lot of things. I can"t talk about half of these. Buried down beneath my melodies. Extrovert I'm not gonna be. Hold me down. It's where I wanna be. Secretly. On my knees. It's our twin dream. In my soul i'm a wanna be.
Track Name: Dog River
Dog river cuts you to the bone and it goes down in time for history got me waiting for another mystery but you know I'm not a bitter man. Dog river makes you a bad and he pushes you with his invisible hand he's not waiting for you to grow some guts because he knows your not a dull blade. I can go down for you but I don't even want you to. I can take the blame for you but I don't even want you to.
Track Name: Fantasy
Yeah I'll play the part, if you can fake it I can fake it too. It's not a starring role but I can stand right next to you and think about the times it was true when you said you love me like you do. Why would I be waiting for you now? I figured silver screen was good enough. Staring at me like a bad review, every time I turn the channel to you. Everything was cool until I started getting bad reviews, then she turned on me she says I wasn't good enough for her. Don't you waste me, undertake me.
Track Name: Halo
There's a little place we go in my town. Underneath the beach the stairs where they go down. I'll meet you at the pier and we'll have some fun. Won't see you in the silence and the morning sun. The halo on your head is playing dumb. Won't see you in the silence or the morning sun. Don't know where I'm going where I've been. I hope this nights not slipping.